Healthcare Applications

Secured, HIPAA-compliant

Healthcare applications that improve operational efficiency.

White Label Platforms

Experience creating multi-tenant white label platforms. Platforms can work with different domains and have various account level access.

Cloud Applications

Access information from any web-enabled device. We have ample experience with cloud services providers.

Secured Applications

Built several secured and HIPAA-compliant applications in the healthcare space

Ongoing Support

We provide tier-2 level support with all our contracts to ensure your application is successful once it’s in production.

Onward Development Mooshme
Onward Development Mooshme

Emotional Support Animal Letters (ESA)

Online disability consultation

Collect Patient Data

Collect information in a secured and HIPAA-compliant way so the physician can make an initial determination

Video Conference

Video conference capabilities to connect the doctor and the patient on demand.

Multiple Doctors

Doctors can only see patients from the states where they can practice medicine. Ability to support different doctors in one state and same doctor in several states.

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